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Please read this Privacy Policy to ensure you are content with our use of your personal information. This policy is effective from 26/09/2023.


What information do we collect and why?

By continuing use of this website you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as stated in this privacy policy.


The data and information Hive of Technology can collect must be necessary, suitable and be in relation to the purpose or purposes for which it is obtained.


Hive of Technology respects your privacy. We want to confirm that you have control of not only your privacy but your data too. Any personal info we may collect during your visit to our site, will only be used in accordance to what is stated in this privacy policy. Some of this information and data may be collected using cookies or by your interaction with the site, such as our contact us form. This may include personal information given voluntarily such as your name, email address, and any information which is imputed into the 'CONTACT US' form.


This information is required to carry out business operations, to maintain internal IT systems, for record keeping and to understand your needs.


You are not required to provide personal information to Hive of Technology, however refusal to supply information may affect our ability to provide suitable support and further services.


We also collect information including but not limited to, your browser type, referring site, language preference and date/time of site visit. This is common with most website operators, this is all non–personally identifying information.



We want to ensure you that we have the necessary security measures in place to prevent your data from being lost, stolen, misused or accidentally destroyed. However, any transmission of data is at the users own risk, as any transmission of information through the world wide web cannot be guaranteed to be secure.


If you feel that the information we have collected isn’t accurate or is no longer up to date please contact us so we amend it as soon as possible, we will then make alterations to the information we hold on your behalf.



A cookie is a small text files compiled of letters and numbers that are generated by a web server. Some of the information we collect may be attained by using these cookies. Hive of Technology uses these cookies to see what the users site preferences are, to track and identify users and see users usage of the Hive of Technology site.

These cookies are either essential or non-essential for the Hive of Technology website to function. If you decline to the use of essential cookies it may affect the function of the website and the services we are able to offer. Cookies may also be Non-Essential and are used to enhance the users experience whilst using the site. This is done by collecting information on things such as but not limited to your preferred language settings.

Cookies do not usually store Identifiable Personal Information. However, information provided on the ‘contact us’ form may be collected by a cookie.

If you wish to disable cookies on the Hive of Technology site and on other websites, it’s best to change your cookie preferences within your browsers settings.

European Data Protection

Any information obtained through the use of this site may be processed or transferred through the EEA (European Economic Area). If this is the case, it will be protected by the EEA data protection standards.


Third Party

Hive of Technology do not sell, distribute or lease your data to third parties, unless required by law to do so. Compulsory disclosure of your data may be required by law enforcement bodies so they can fulfil their duties. Please note that you can opt-out of this but opting out does not affect the lawfulness or the personal information processed prior to this withdrawal.


Data Retention

We do not retain information longer than it is required. Once your information has fulfilled it’s purpose, it will either be securely deleted in accordance to applicable law and regulations or anonymised. We reserve the right to continue the use of your anonymised information in absence of your knowledge, as in accordance to the law. Once this anonymised information is no longer required it will also be deleted securely and lawfully.

We understand and work in accordance to your rights when it comes to your personal data and information. We also comply with the UK GPDR’s right to being forgotten and understand that you have the right to have any personal information we have stored on you erased.


Please refer back to this page to ensure you are satisfied with any updated policies. Hive of Technology reserves the rights to amend this privacy statement at any time.

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